Pierre Wynants
& Lionel Rigolet

Comme chez soi **
Bruxelles (Belgique)

In Belgium, Pierre Wynants needs no introduction, everyone knows him. Succeeding his father, he carried this Bruxelles restaurant “Comme chez soi” to the greatest heights of gastronomy, obtaining the much-coveted three Michelin stars.

Pierre has always enjoyed glorifying the bestsea, land, river and forest products brought by the Belgian landscape, while respecting the balance of aromas. Today, he has entrusted the restaurant’s kitchen to his son-in-law LionelRigolet. Lionel, an excellent chef with proven savoir-faire, has harmoniously brought his culinary touch withoutdisrupting the house’s previous success.

These two form a perfect team, and create a refined cuisine to our customer’s delight, making them feel “Comme chez soi”, right at home.