Régis Marcon

Restaurant Régis et Jacques Marcon ***
Saint-Bonnet-le-Froid (Haute-Loire)

A pure product of the Massif Central, his love of cooking has deep roots in his region. Descending from a long line of farmers, Regis grew up in his mother’s kitchen, the cook and owner of the small town’s only café-restaurant.

Regis Marcon does not just appear as a great chef to people, but rather first as a man with a big heart who shines light on the best products of his region: Puy green lentils, chestnuts, Velay veal. But he is most of all famous for his culinary science of mushrooms.

His village hidden in the confines of three departments (Haute-Loire, Ardèche and Lozère) is an ode to nature with its abundance of forests and pastures, full of mycological treasures for he who knows how to unearth them.


Braised beef with potatoe purée XL


A recipe created by Régis Marcon. Hot dish.

Hot dish

Seeds salad, smoked salmon


A recipe created by Régis Marcon. Cold dish.

Cold dish