Olivier Bellin

l’Auberge des Glazicks **
Plomodiern (Finistère)

Olivier Bellin is the great “Far West” chef, from the remote west point of the Finistère.

After training with Joel Robuchon and Jacques Thorel, he came back to his village in the ‘pays bleu’ known as Plomodiern. There he has taken over the kitchen of the family restaurant, previously headed by his mother for 40 years. His talent, tenacity and knowledge of his land have helped him push l’Auberge des Glazicks to the heights of Breton gastronomy.

A defender of local food sourcing, low-impact coastal fishing and sustainable agriculture, this humble yet fiery man brings a breath of fresh southern air to boco with his star products: buckwheat, fish and seafood, seaweed, and salted butter of course.